Short Sales

If you are behind on your mortgage payments or your mortgage is out of balance with your budget, and you want to avoid foreclosure, you’re left with a few options; Loan Modification, Deed in Lieu or Short Sale. 

The first step any homeowner should take when considering options to foreclosure is to obtain a Market Value Estimate from an experienced Real Estate Agent.  There are many significant factors to consider when listing your home as a short sale, so be sure to work with a professional who has a track record of successful short sale negotiations.  In fact, I have successfully negotiated over 60 short sales, and considered a Short Sale Expert!  I am a trained “Certified Distressed Property Expert” and will work directly with your lender to negotiate a successful Short Sale, at NO COST TO YOU!

Deciding on which option you will take to avoid foreclosure requires proper planning.  Don’t wait until you receive a sheriff sale notice to take action.  Contact me now to establish a plan of action before you are deep in foreclosure proceedings!